Find your own moldavite!

The moldavite Museum in Český Krumlov is already close to realizing its vision that visitors could find their own moldavites.
And not only when walking through a field or looking through some reclassified (and already searched) material, as is usually the case with commercial “searches”. But to dig up moldavites from the truly original layer where they were deposited by geological processes 15 million years ago!
It will be a field trip with a visit to an official and completely legal mining site.
We will organise groups with a limited number of clients, who will be able to try their luck for a pre-defined period of time.
Finding a minimum of 5 g is guaranteed.
Once we have the facilities, technical details and safety aspects finalised, we will launch the reservation system.
We expect the first excursions to be in March-April.
If you are interested please write to us at and we will contact you in due course.