Find your own moldavite!

A dream come true! After 5 years of effort, from spring 2022 the Moldavite museum in Český Krumlov organises excursions to a legal moldavite mine, where visitors are allowed to look for moldavites.
Not only by finding one while walking on the field or by searching through some sorted (and already searched through) material, as is the usual case with commercial “stone searching”. Here you can dig for your own moldavite in its original layer, where it was buried by geological processes 15 million years ago!

Excursion groups have a limited number of clients, who might try their luck. Based on the current opening hours and the size of the mine, the limit is set on 6 mining people.

Basic flat fee of 3000 Kč contains:
– the possibility to personally access the legal mine and to undertake the mining activity in the original moldavite-bearing layer
– necessary equipment
– 5 g of moldavites.
If the client finds moldavites over the stated weight, he may purchase the exceeding weight for a favorable mining price 250 Kč/g. (for pieces over 10 g the price is 300 CZK/g, bigger pieces are valued individually). If the client doesn´t find the stated 5 g (which happen rarely), he can choose from moldavites found at this mine, which we have already extracted. Estimated duration of the excursion is approx. 3 hours, out of which at least 2 hours is the “mining” alone.

The exkursion starts at the mine at Besednice, the transport from Český Krumlov is NOT included.
The participants receive all the necessary details in the information e-mail 3 days prior to the excursion.
(If you need help to arrange the transport from anywhere, please contact us)

To participate, you need book your excursion date in our reservation system.
(The excursion has to be paid on-line when booked.)

For groups of 4 to 6 people we can arrange private excursion almost any other time than given in the reservation system.

The client is allowed to cancel the reservation 5 days prior to the date. In case of extremly bad weather or technical problems, alternative date is provided. For any other question or request, write us on the email address

For more pictures and information, follow our facebook mining page.