Mystery and beauty of the jewels from space.

Let‘s discover the whole story of the highly valued stone of transformation, born in the impact of an asteroid 15 million years ago. S tunning interactive exhibition, fully in English (incl. movie), world‘s best pieces displayed ever.

For Tourists

You probably haven’t heard much of Moldavites, but this is the rarest Czech rarity. In our Museum you will experience its whole story…

The Moldavite Story

For Families

Our interactive exposition is a game for the whole family.

For families

A world rarity

Moldavites are natural glass with the full range of light green to olive brown colours. The pressure and heat, which created these stones, were so extreme, that only crash of a big celestial body on Earth can make it…

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    Pendant with moldavite

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    Sada s vltavíny a granáty

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    Earrings + necklace – moldavites, silver

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    Sada náušnice + přívěšek

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