Let‘s discover the whole story of the highly valued stone of transformation, born in the impact of an asteroid 15 million years ago.
S tunning interactive exhibition, fully in English (incl. movie), world‘s best pieces displayed ever.

The futuristic interactive exposition is devoted to moldavites and their story. Moldavites are a very special material. We want tho show this world rarity as the part of our natural heritage bound to the South Bohemian region. (More about moldavites)
Maybe you have heard already about moldavites, but in our museum you surely find lots of new things and information. What strange origin they are of, why are they so valued, why they are so unique and why they belong to the southern Bohemia.
If you are more familiar with them, you appreciate the suberb collection pieces displayed in the museum and the comprehensive information about tektites and cosmic impacts.
For all, there are interactive applications to play with and learn something about the impacts and craters the funny way.