For families

Do your kids play with dinosaurs?
Do you look for shooting stars while observing the summer sky?
Do you bring stones back as souvenirs from your holidays?

Then you might be surprised by the fact that Southern Bohemia is home to the only gemstones on Earth created by cosmic forces. And what’s more, they actually flew through the air to arrive in Bohemia!

The multilingual exhibition introduces you to the moldavites from many perspectives, is easy to understand but at the same time provides scientifically accurate information.

The topics of the exposition include: the cosmic crashes and their consequences, big extinctions in the history of human life, in addition to the threats that humankind now faces. How it works if two celestial bodies collide. The physical, chemical and esoteric features of moldavite. The most comprehensive exhibition of moldavites in the world.

Aside from moldavites you can see meteorites and other “strange” stones here or take a virtual visit to the most distinctive craters around the globe. You can also go through the cosmic impact step by step or throw your own meteorite onto the Earth.

The introductory film is presented by the well-known geologist and writer RNDr. Václav Cílek. The main exhibition is designed as an interactive light game. You can play with several applications on touch screens while the impact simulator is controlled simply by moving your body.

Tour length:
– Introductory film 12 minutes + we recommend a minimum of half an hour to view the exhibition

Family admission (2 adults + all children up to 15 years): 298 CZK
Students: 99 CZK.