For families

Do your kids play with dinosaurs?

Do look for for the falling stars watching the summer skye?

Do you bring stones as souvenirs from your holiday?

Then you might be surprised by the fact, that in the Southern Bohemia there are the only gem stones on Earth created by the cosmic forces. And the more, they flew to Bohemia through the air!

The multilingual exhibition introduce you to the moldavites from many points of view, is easy to understand but provides scientificly accurate information.

The topics of the exposition include: the cosmic crashes and their consequences, big extinctions in the history of life and the threat the human kind faces as well. how it works if two celestial bodies collide. The phisical, chemical and esoteric features of moldavite. Best exhibition of moldavites worldwide.

Except moldavites, you can see meteorites and other “strange” stones here, or visit virtually the most distinctive craters around the globe. You can also go through the cosmic impact step by step or throw your meteorite onto the Earth.

Úvodním filmem Vás provede známý geolog a spisovatel RNDr. Václav Cílek. Hlavní expozice je koncipována jako světelná interaktivní hra. Hrát si můžete s několika aplikacemi na dotekových obrazovkách, simulátor impaktu ovládáte jen pohybem těla.


Délka prohlídky:
– úvodní film 12 minut + doručujeme minimálně půl hodiny na prohlídku expozice

Rodinné vstupné (2 dospělí + všechny děti do 15 let) je 298 Kč
Studenti: 99 Kč.